What’s Wrong With Being A Cougar?

The word “cougar” has traditionally referred to a powerful and graceful member of the Felidae family. Now, the definition has inexplicably changed from “big cat” to “aging sex kitten.” This popular tendency to define self-reliant women by their sensuality instead of their success is just wrong.

If you disagree, show me ONE stereotypically unattractive or economically challenged woman who anyone refers to as a Cougar. See what I mean?

Nevertheless, there are more than a few reasons for women to embrace the comparison when the broader attributes of the actual animal are applied. Cougars, also known as mountain lions, pumas, American lions, and panthers, hunt day and night unlike related species who usually hunt in the dark. Cougars are not overly social; they are territorial. The female raises the cubs and teaches them to hunt. She is a cunning, intuitive, stalking predator that makes a distinctive sound when she roars.

What hard working woman of any age cannot relate to a female cougar’s life, both personally and professionally?

Let’s redefine the term “Cougar” to denote accomplished, vivacious, and unapologetically goal oriented women who are established but far from extinct. Unlike our feline counterparts, human Cougars are not born with these qualities; we are forged. And if younger men, or any men, like the results of our trials by fire, it is merely a pleasant side effect, not the intended result.

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