When a Sistah’s Fed Up: Reviewed by Real Ladies Read Book Club

Haven’t we all been there? The place where your job is engrossing, your children need you and your husband is emotionally absent? You have too many things to do, not enough time, but you want it all?

In this emotional tale by Monica Anderson, “When a Sistah’s Fed Up” the thin line of truth and appearance is shattered by one bullet aimed at the Mayor. Anderson submerges us into the life of an upwardly mobile African American woman, who lives for her children, has an emotionally absent husband, and a demanding job.

After Faith, the Mayor of her town, is shot, life comes flashing in front of her; she not only is able to see the love lost with her husband, but a love that has been brewing right under her nose. In this complexly weaved novel we are shown the many facets of the wife, the mother and the career woman. Anderson’s writing style creates a visual image of Faith’s world, from her spoiled children, her hands on personal assistant to her loyal brother-in-law; the reader can experience each emotion as if it was their own.

Although Anderson sets a very descriptive stage and the story she is telling is clear, the believable nature of the characters make it so that you imagine that it could be your town and she could be you. This novel is very character driven, but she takes it a step further by letting us look at the inter-workings of their relationships. With each page we see how each person is perfectly crafted to play its role making choices that cause direct consequences and have unpredictable effects.

“When a Sistah’s Fed Up” is a great first fiction novel by Anderson. This non male bashing book, tells of the complicated nature of trying to having it all. I not only enjoyed the story, but with the unexpected turns, it made for an unpredictable book. Just when I thought I had the story worked out it completely turned in another direction. If you thought this was a typical dramatic story of a woman who hates men, think again!!!

Reviewed by Kenae Danley, Real Ladies Read Book Club

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