Who Shops at Merle Norman?

This is going to be hard. I’m really tired. So tired my eyelashes feel heavy. I have a great kind of day job that allows me enough time to think about what I’m doing but not enough time to think about anything else. So the moment I leave the office, it’s like Ringling Brothers unleashed in my head. I find myself mulling over things like “Who shops at Merle Norman?” and “Do I really want to eat cookies baked by elves in a tree? That kitchen can’t be very clean.” I should call my mom but she offers to come and visit when I say things like this and she lives six hours away. Well, six hours when I drive east. It’s more like 8 hours when she and my dad drive this way. That’s too far to drive for random thoughts.
How long should you drive for random thoughts? Hmmm maybe 30 minutes on a Friday for someone special in a major metropolitan area. I can’t translate that to subway or metro time ’cause I don’t know squat about mass transportation or forestry or Merle Norman. Writers write. That’s what I know. And when I have a dollar, I’ll make sense. LOL! Blog 2. Day 2.

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