“All I know is she sounds like she’s from the East Coast even though she’s from the South and she is Oprah’s hero,” he says, shrugging as if almost anyone who grew up in Stamps, Arkansas can speak like an ivy league graduate AND mentor (arguably) the most famous black woman in the world.

I tell him that she is also a dancer, actress, playwright, and professor. He pretends to be moved for my sake, but I know him. He’s not impressed.

I rack my brain for some archetypal symbol from hip hop or fishing to help him understand the rock star status of Dr. Angelou for women like me. Finally, I say, “I don’t understand why anyone would watch football all day long on a holiday, but that doesn’t make it wrong nor does it mean John Madden shouldn’t be famous.” He smiles at me. His dimples confirm our unspoken agree(ment) to generationally dis(agree)…with love.

Master Class by Oprah Winfrey with Maya Angelou