Will Smith and The Dangers of Toxic Masculinity

What the heck possessed Will Smith to slap Chris Rock? Dr. Eddie Capparucci is a licensed therapist certified in the treatment of pornography addiction. He works with men struggling with emotional regulation and various types of addictions as well as their partners. Dr. Capparucci has worked with professional athletes including NFL and MLB players and television personalities. In this episode, we’re discussing Will Smith and “Thee Slap”, toxic masculinity, and Dr. Capparucci’s latest book “Why Men Struggle to Love.” It explains how men who do not receive the nurturing needed in the early stages of childhood development, end up being emotionally underdeveloped. This leads to troubled relationships and the development of addictive behaviors. He is the creator of the Inner Child Model, which has been endorsed by many leaders in the sex addiction field. In this episode we discuss: 

*why many men struggle with emotional discomfort *the reason behind addictive behaviors *why pornography addiction has nothing to do with the partner  *how to move from an emotional state to a rational thinking state *and why some men struggle to love

Learn more about the Inner Child Model and his book at www.innerchild-sexaddiction.com You can learn more about his book go to www.strugglingmen.org

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