When A Sistahs Fed Up: Reviewed by Loose Leaves Reviews

Faith Henry believes she has the perfect family, great ratings in the political arena, loving marriage, and the image to carry it all. But Faith is unhappy. As she comes to this realization and in the middle of campaigning for the upcoming election someone tries to kill her. Faith takes time to recuperate and examines her life.

Meanwhile, life goes on. The city council attempts to undermine her authority as Mayor by pushing key issues through with total disregard to the community. Her husband, Preston, encounters legal problems at church, female temptation, and career roadblocks. Sloane, her daughter, will face the biggest obstacle ever while changing the relationships of friends. Trey, her son, is in his senior year of high school and is dealing with peer pressure the only way teenage boys can. Faith takes life’s difficulties with ease until she finds her personal assistant, Raymond, may be behind the demise of the election. Faith is FED UP!

Anderson definitely knows how to craft an interesting tale of love gone wrong. The key to why this is a fantastic who­done­it romance is the multifaceted Faith who brings so much to the story line; not just anxiety and pity. Faith is a strong Black woman that plans ahead and intends to come out on top.

Ultimately, this is a story of revenge but you will never guess to who and why. The character development is excellent while the twist of the story will keep you turning the pages of this fast­paced drama. This is Anderson’s first novel hopefully not her last as she has a gift that must be shared with the world.

Reviewed by Monique Bruner, Loose Leaves Reviews

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