You Matter

Capella University has an online degree program that they advertise nationally. Their slogan is so simple that it’s brilliant. Capella University-Matter. My first reaction was “are they saying some people don’t matter?” Not sure where that question mark goes relative to the quotation marks but I’m not a Capella grad. Anyway, I cogitated on that until I recalled Daniel Pink writing about our deep seated need to be creative and direct our own course in life. You really can’t do those things if you don’t matter. I don’t mean matter to others, I mean matter to yourself. Because if you don’t feel you have anything of value to offer, you will not understand the importance of making yourself even more valuable with education and professional growth. The worse jobs I’ve had were not the ones where I worked the hardest, longest hours. No, they were the jobs where someone proactively sought to convince me that I did not matter. I didn’t like fairy tales much when I was kid and I really don’t care for them now. I matter. You matter. Nothing else matters. Do you.

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