Actress Karen Abercrombie On Life After “War Room”

Karen Abercrombie is an award-winning actress, producer, storyteller, singer, songwriter and so much more. After her break-out starring role as Ms. Clara in the 2015 faith-based blockbuster “War Room,” she became a household name internationally. Today, she has her own production company and she’s on a mission to share her gifts and her faith with […]

Overcoming Fear With Faith. One Woman’s Story

Kareemah Emordi is a successful playwright, producer, corporate exec, and author. Born and raised Muslim, she has a jaw-dropping testimony of God’s pursuit of a woman who didn’t want or need “your Jesus.” In this episode, she shares with Dr. mOe about overcoming intense fear, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, physical illness, and the day God […]

Dr. Masudi Stolard on Repositioning Yourself for Success

Entrepreneurial Strategist, Author, and Speaker Dr. Masudi Stolard joins Dr. Moe Anderson to discuss working as a White House Intern during the Obama Administration, using sentiment analysis to drive sales, entrepreneurship, maintaining life balance while managing multiple roles, and the myths of business start-up. If you’re thinking of starting a business or trying to expand […]

WeatherProofing Is A Relationship Killer

Affirmation is the key to successful leadership and relationships. Like a fancy fitness tracker, the key to functioning communication is pressing the right buttons in the right order. Verbal blows and weatherproofing do nothing but build walls of resentment. In this episode, learn what weatherproofing means and why looking for the positive aspects in others […]

Launch A Successful Second Act!

Milestone events or life changes often prompt a reroute of our journey. The phrase “Second Act” is used to describe the transition from retired, semi-retired, or laid off to a new career like entrepreneurship. Retired educator and Chief Blogger for the award-winning blog”This Is Your Best Year” shares her experience and explains why she believes […]

Megan, Me, and Cardi B: Thick Wit It!

Did you watch the Grammys?! Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s performance of WAP was unforgettable. People can’t stop talking about it. I watched and it reminded me why I don’t wear stilettos. I applaud them for their boldness and last summer’s #1 banger, the hit song, WAP. In this episode, I talk about what […]

Zoom Makeup Tips for Mature Women (Hilarious AND Helpful)

Ready for your closeup? For us “mature” folks, applying makeup is more science than art. Most of us in the over 50 crowd don’t want to spend all day or all of our savings on cosmetics but we need it for videoconferencing. I’m sharing my favorite products for a more youthful glow without feeling like […]

A Black Woman’s Super Power

Even before the worldwide discussion on racial disparities, being a black woman in my America required a special type of superpower. I wasn’t born with it but acquiring this strength was part of the daily curriculum in survival for girls who looked like me. I thought my special ability was only useful for certain people […]

How Will You Be Remembered?

I hope to be remembered as a mother, care provider, advocate, activist, author, speaker, and friend. I will not be remembered…

Fort Worth Black News Features Dr. mOe Anderson

“Never Close Your Heart” the Joy and Pain of Life Dr. Monica Anderson won our hearts as a witty columnist for the Star-Telegram 25 years ago. She often shared humorous moments form everyday life that made readers smile, shake their heads or actually laugh out loud… Click the link and scroll over to page 5 […]