Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size

So I’m peeping 60 something yr old NBA coach, Luke Riley or Pat Riley, whateva on ESPN and he’s wearing those black rimmed Clark Kent glasses currently favored by NBA players, rappers, and European poets. The glasses look odd on Lebron James who is young and hip. They look beyond odd on Pat Riley who […]

Just Grow Up

Being grown and having a checkered past does not stop you from having some very immature thoughts about other folks at times. I try to be good and think noble stuff but sometimes very not so noble stuff pops into my head like “What in the world possessed her to buy that dress?” I remind […]

Last Call For Appetizers

I remember when a good party only had two ingredients: a drink special and ladies free before 10 pm. When did fun get so complicated? Back in the day, my entire drop-it-like-it’s-hot outfit, including the cheap shoes from Kinney’s, cost less than I paid for a full body massage last weekend. Aqua boogie, baby. My […]

Who Shops at Merle Norman?

This is going to be hard. I’m really tired. So tired my eyelashes feel heavy. I have a great kind of day job that allows me enough time to think about what I’m doing but not enough time to think about anything else. So the moment I leave the office, it’s like Ringling Brothers unleashed […]

My New Normal – Blog 1 of 31

I simply have been unable to do more than edit things I’d already written up until today. The emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion that accompany a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer…no, not just Stage 4 cancer–but Stage 4 of a cancer so rare most M.D’s have never seen it–can probably be described but not with […]

Why is Maya Angelou Famous?

That’s what my oldest son wants to know, “I don’t understand something. Why is Maya Angelou famous?” I swallow my first reaction and remind myself he is 25 years old and Dr. Angelou is 83. I tick off her literary award winning novels like I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, remind him that we […]

When A Sistah’s FED UP (Excerpt)

Faith made a beeline for the small bar in the den and poured herself a stiff drink. She never drank alcohol in public, but she kept a few bottles of wine and a little Jack Daniels around the house.  The wine was for the nice   candlelit dinner she and Preston never had anymore.  The […]

I Stand Accused Excerpt – Shreveport, Louisiana 2007

We went to Ren’s favorite restaurant, Anthony’s Steak and Seafood on Mansfield Road. From my bar stool perch, I surveyed the unusually sparse happy hour crowd. Other than the sistah with the shoulder length dreadlocks eating artichoke hearts at the other end of the bar, there was nothing in there to make me happy. “Yo, […]

Dr. Moe Anderson

Dr. mOe is an author and dynamic mOe-tivational speaker. She shares game changing, powerful life lessons with both humor and passion. Her writing reflects the frank observations of a fun loving, versatile working woman who is not afraid to speak her age or her mind. She has published five books, in three different genres, ,including […]

mOe-ism of the Day

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